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The crunch for space in New York has once again pitted its heritage against someone’s vision for its future. The latest phase of this long running battle is being fought at 35 Cooper Square, a seemingly nondescript 2 story construction, placed feebly right beside the ultra-modern Cooper Square Hotel in East Village and set for demolition.

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You’ve finally managed to find an apartment in New York you really like. You’ve peeked into all the nooks and crannies to check the condition of the house; spoken to next door neighbors to get a feel of the place; and scoured the neighborhood to see if it was favorable. You love the place, it fits your budget and you want to move in as soon as possible. What’s your next move going to be?

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Formerly known as the Printing District, the Hudson Square is surrounded by Sixth Ave., the Hudson River, Houston St., and Canal St. on its east, west, north and south peripheries respectively. Although it is located north of Tribeca and west of Soho, it has neither their up market sophistication nor the crowd pulling popularity. However, in recent years, it has seen a change in its demographics with new businesses moving into the area. There is every indication that it is on its way to becoming a hip and happening hot spot.

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